Sunday, September 1, 2013

Step by Step instructions on free Steam Wallet Funds


You will be getting Steam Wallet cards in the form of redeemable codes off a prizes website.  These are actual codes that come off of real cards.  The prizes website purchases them with advertisement money and let's you have them for free, after completing some offers.  Most offers are just a simple registration, and you get paid in points for completing them.  These points (2000) are then redeemed for a Steam Wallet card code.  I will be showing you how to get one in four easy steps.


To begin, click here for the website and get your account set up.

Complete Offers

The fastest way to earn points on the site is by doing offers.  Scroll over Get Points and click Complete Offers.  On this page you will see a list of offers to chose from.  Offer's have instructions to tell you exactly how to complete them.  Follow these instructions fully to get credit for an offer.

Almost all offers will ask for information such as your address, name and phone number.  If you do not wish to put real information that is fine. Make sure the information you put at least looks realistic.  But remember to always use your spam email,  you may need to confirm it on some offers.

Once you have successfully complete offers you should start receiving points.  If you do not receive points you may have done the offer incorrectly.  You may view which offers credited for you by scrolling over the "Get Points" tab and clicking "Credited Offers".

Redeem Points

When you have earned 2000 points you can receive a Steam Wallet card code!  Click on the "Prizes" tab.  Here you can view the site's available prizes.  Steam Wallet card codes are located on the second page.  When you find the prize you want just click "Claim this item" and it will be yours in no time!

Want bonus points?

If you want some extra bonus points then contests are for you!  You could win 500-5000 points on top of offers. If you complete a lot of offers you could be eligible to win points.  To view the offers contest just scroll over the "Community" tab and click "Contests".

You could also win points by entering in the monthly jackpot.  To enter the monthly jackpot you spend raffle tickets.  Raffle tickets are earned by completing offers.  The more offers you complete the more raffle tickets you earn.  Good luck!